Capricorn dating sagittarius man go fish dating com

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An ever-widening worldview keeps Sagittarius in traveling mode.Capricorn's purpose is to live the visions, not talk about them.

Sexually, the Capricorn woman is swept away on a romantic journey by the Sagittarius man.Compatibility comes from understanding the differences in their natures. The Capricorn woman climbs her ladder of success with steady determination while her Sagittarius man simply flies off to his destination, only concerned with the philosophical value he’ll gain along the way.Jupiter and Saturn are often seen as complimentary by astrologers: one expanding, the other consolidating.Sagittarius is hands-on, learning through experience. Capricorn often delegates, able to draw whom and what they need into their lives.

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When the timing's right, Sagittarius, and Capricorn could merge beautifully if they share intentions of building a life together and encouraging growth and creative expansion.