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Sabrina bryan and golan yosef dating

Its premiere received the highest ratings of all Disney Channel Movies at its time, a total of over 8.1 million viewers, beating the premiere ratings of High School Musical (7.7 million), and beating previous highest-rated DCOM record holder, Cadet Kelly (7.8 million), as well as becoming the highest-rated Cheetah Girls film in the trilogy.The sequel is about a talented teen quartet who take a whirlwind tour of Spain to pursue their dreams of pop superstardom.Unlike its predecessor, which incorporated karaoke-like musical numbers, The Cheetah Girls 2 turned into more of a musical.This is also the last film in the series to star Raven-Symoné.

The movie begins in Manhattan, three years after the first movie, where the Cheetah Girls have just completed their junior year and are performing at a Graduation Party for the Manhattan Magnet's Class of 2006 ("The Party's Just Begun").

When the girls arrive in Barcelona, they do some shopping before resting in a Cafe.

Soon they hear a guitar playing and meet Angel (Peter Vives), a mysterious guitar player who accompanies them around Barcelona as they sing to the entire city, and he becomes Galleria's love interest ("Strut").

At that very moment, one of the girl's magazines flips pages until it comes across an ad for a Barcelona music festival.

Galleria enters the Cheetah Girls and the next day, her mother Dorothea (Lynn Whitfield), Juanita, and the Cheetah Girls all travel to Spain.

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There they meet and befriended Marisol (Belinda), a Spanish pop star, beloved by all of Barcelona, and who will also compete in the Music Festival, and her manager/mother, Lola (Kim Manning), who appears nice and wins the Cheetah Girls' affection, but secretly plans a scheme to break up the Cheetah Girls, as they pose a threat to her daughter's chances in the competition, and she starts making Marisol take Chanel away from The Cheetah Girls.

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